Where quality Service is guaranteed!

Where quality Service is guaranteed!

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Floor and Ceiling Care & Maintenance Floor Cleaning

T&A Cleaning Services provides complete floor care to meet any business owners' needs. Our floor care service provide stripping, waxing, polishing, and sealing of vinyl and hardwood floors. We offer first class floor care for corporate buildings, shopping centers, high rises, schools, and small businesses.

T&A Cleaning Services utilizes the latest cleaning equipment on floor care techniques and commercial janitorial supplies, to meet and exceed your high standards of cleanliness and floor appearance.

A&T Cleaning Services is licensed, bonded and insured. Because we take great pride in our cleaning services our floor care supervisors maintain quality control using strict safety and security practices.

Contact A&T Cleaning Services today! We will be happy to visit your offices and provide a customized proposal for your floor care services. A&T Cleaning Services where quality service is guaranteed.

Ceiling Cleaning

Ceiling Cleaning includes the clean of the acoustical ceiling tile and grid system, diffusers, sprinklers and speaker gills By using our exclusive cleaning products we are able to remove and eliminate nicotine, dirt, grease, dust mites, smell and soot from your acoustical ceilings.

We have restored millions of square feet of ceilings. You can also add optional services like, light cleaning or light retrofitting while you have your ceilings cleaned. Both will help increase the lighting illumination or your business.

As a general rule, nearly all ceilings are restorable through cleaning only. The most common exception to this rule are an acoustical ceiling that has been painted subsequent to original installation, water-damaged ceilings or where previous wrong cleaning methods has damaged the integrity of the ceiling. We can help you to eliminate pollutants from your breathing space at your facilities by getting rid of dirt, grease, dust mites, smell and soot.